1000kva 11kv oil immersed transformer Used for power in Saudi Arabia

May 25, 2020

1000kva 11kv oil immersed transformer Over View

1000kva 11kv oil immersed transformer

Model Number:1000kva 11kv/440v

Usage: Power

Phase: Three

Coil Structure: Toroidal

Coil Number: Autotransformer

Rated capacity:1000kva


Vector group:Dyn11 / Yyn0


Rated voltage:11/0.44kV

Application:Industrial power Supplies

1000kva 11kv oil immersed transformer Used for Power in Saudi Arabia

TThe S11 series transformer produced by our company is a fully sealed oil-immersed distribution transformer .It is an ideal electrical product for environmental protection and energy conservation

11000kva 11kv oil immersed transformer Manufacturer


TThe company's products are mainly used for power transmission and transmission frequency of 50HZ, power network voltage of 10KV or 35KV, and the transmission and distribution of altitudes of 1000 meters and bbelow. It can be used as power supply for rural and regional power supply and rural water drainage and drainage, outdoor installation, continuous use. With reliable technology, high-quality materials, good economic performance, good reputation and excellent service, our products have won unanimous praise from new and old customers.

1000kva 11kv oil immersed transformer


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