300kva oil immersed power transformer for Nigeria

September 26, 2021

300kva oil immersed power transformer for Nigeria300kva oil immersed power transformer for Nigeria


Phase: Three
Service Voltage: 11kV
Rated Capacity: 300kva
Country: Nigeria

TSTY 3 set 300kva oil immersed transformer is used for mill factory in Nigeria, the transformer model is S11-M.ZT, These transformers are designed and developed using latest technologies and can be provided with a variety of terminations so as to suit the requirements for new installation or replacement.


Characteristics of power transformer


1、The on-load capacity adjustment controller monitors the voltage and current on the low-voltage side of the transformer to determine the current load current, and performs capacity switching according to the capacity adjustment command to complete the automatic capacity conversion of the transformer.

2、Intelligent load capacity adjustment technology reduces the no-load and load loss of the transformer.

3、Easy to use and operate, low maintenance cost, low no-load load loss, energy saving and environmental protection.

4、Especially suitable for users with large changes in electricity consumption, such as industrial and mining enterprises, rural power grid transformation


How to Select power transformer Used for Mill Factory


1) Choose the suitable type. We have oil power transformer and dry type transformer with different capacity

2) Determine the transformer parameter: transformer capacity, transformer voltage or temperature you need. The transformer capacity is based on mill productivity, if you don’t know what transformer capacity is needed, our engineer could help to calculate the capacity, and offer the optional recommendation. 

3) Determine the transformer efficiency. We have different power transformer models with various efficiency for choose.

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