Celebrate the Completion of the Installation of TSTY Transformer

December 21, 2023
TSTY Electric Co., Ltd.
Recently, our TSTY transformer has been successfully installed, which marks another solid step in the research and application of TSTY in the field of power equipment. TSTY transformer, as a new type of green, efficient and energy-saving power equipment, has undoubtedly injected new vitality into the development of my country's electric power industry. Here, we are delighted to witness this moment and warmly celebrate the completion of the installation of TSTY transformers.
TSTY transformers have received widespread attention due to their unique advantages and powerful performance. Compared with traditional transformers, TSTY transformers have significant advantages in reducing energy consumption, increasing power density, reducing equipment volume, and reducing noise.
First of all, TSTY transformers are particularly outstanding in reducing energy consumption. According to research data, compared with traditional transformers, the energy efficiency ratio of TSTY transformers has increased by more than 10%. This means that under the same power output conditions, TSTY transformers can save a lot of energy, which effectively supports my country's energy conservation and emission reduction goals.
Secondly, TSTY transformers also have significant advantages in improving power density. TSTY transformer achieves higher power output in a smaller size. This has saved a lot of land resources and reduced the installation cost of equipment in our country's urban construction and infrastructure construction.
In addition, the noise problem of TSTY transformers has also been effectively solved. During the operation of traditional transformers, noise has always been a problem that cannot be ignored. The operating noise of TSTY transformer has been reduced by nearly 10 decibels, which has greatly improved the surrounding environment and is conducive to improving people's quality of life.
From a global perspective, green, efficient, and energy-saving power equipment has become a development trend. The successful installation of my country's TSTY transformer not only injects new impetus into the development of my country's electric power industry, but also provides a reference for technological innovation in the world's power equipment field.
In short, the completion of the installation of TSTY transformers marks another important milestone in the field of power equipment in my country. Let us hope together that my country's innovative achievements in the field of power equipment can contribute more to the development of global green energy and contribute to global sustainable development.


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