TSTY oil immersed transformers shipped to overseas

June 13, 2024

TSTY Electric Co., Ltd.

Transformer equipment - from the precise internal structure to the durable external coating, every detail is our meticulous craftsmanship to ensure that each transformer can operate stably in various environments and provide customers with Continuous and reliable power guarantee.

Factory Inspection - Before leaving the factory, each transformer must go through a series of strict inspection processes to ensure that they not only meet industry standards, but also exceed customer expectations. This is our insistence on quality and our commitment to safety.

Packaging--Safe delivery starts with careful packaging. We use high-standard packaging materials and technology to ensure that the products remain intact during the long journey and reach the customer's project site directly.

Loading and shipping - at this moment, they are about to leave for overseas and reach the customers.

Stay tuned for more green power stories, Tiansheng Electric will continue to update...

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