Oil Immersed Transformer Features

August 02, 2021

Oil Immersed Transformer FeaturesOil Immersed Transformer Features


S series oil immersed transformer

1.1 overview   

Oil immersed transformer is one voltage regulating device which is mainly used to change the network voltage into 230/400V(busbar voltage) to meet the residential users’ requirements. Oil immersed transformer produced by TSTY can be divided into S9 ,S11 and S13 based on its performance, the voltage includes 6.6kv、10kv、11kv、13.8kv、15kv、22kv、33kv、35kv , the capacity is from 15kva~31500kva.

Oil immersed transformer can widely used in indoor or outdoor of Grid, industrial and mining enterprise, construction project, oil field, IDC , engine room, etc.

1.2 Technical Characteristics :

Fully sealed, maintenance-free, high short-circuit resistance, no leakage;

Low loss, low noise, low temperature rise, safe and reliable operation;

On-load capacity and voltage regulation power transformers can realize unattended, remote control, remote measurement, and computer control management;

1.3 Features:

Key component-iron core

The company has its own silicon steel sheet cutting line, and the iron core adopts laser-marked high-permeability silicon steel sheet---quality assurance and cost reduction;

The non-punched iron core design is combined with the international marching type strapping structure to make the electric field distribution in the iron core joints well-distributed---the no-load loss can be reduced by 4-6% by comparing with similar products in the market;

Special processes ensure iron core can be fixed tightly- NO shift in transportation.

Key component-coil

Different structures (drum, foil, spiral, continuous) to meet the diverse needs of customers;

The end angle ring effectively improves the coil characteristics under impulse voltage-----voltage well-distributed;

There is an oil guide structure inside the coil to greatly reduce the temperature rise-----eliminate the risk of transformer short circuit;

Separate voltage regulating coil in the larger-capacity products to ensure the ampere-turn distribution in the core is well divided.

Key component-oil tank


The oil tank adopts barrel type or bell type - more stable structure;

The heat dissipation element adopts chip radiator-----better heat dissipation;

The wall of the tank is made directly by bending machine - strengthen tank’s mechanical strength and effectively improve products’ appearance;

Flat type tank cover-----easy to maintain;

The edge of tank is sealed with oil-resistant rubber material, and there is sealing strip mark in the tank ----- prevent leakage;

Strict inspection of fluorescent leak test and pressure test—prevent leakage;


The oil tank frame adopts angle steel to reinforce structure-enhance mechanical strength

The corrugated heat dissipation element adopts one-time forming and automatic welding process- better appearance

The outer surface of oil tank is subjected to an electrostatic powder spraying process after phosphating and degreasing and rust removal --- products are durable

3leak tests (water, air and oil pressure) in the production process – prevent tank leakage