TSTY 10 kV Outdoor Box Type Substation Will Be Built in Beijing Shijing Mountain Scenic Park

September 29, 2020

TSTY Electric will build 10 kV outdoor box type substation in Shijing Mountain Scenic Park. The construction of infrastructure affects the quality of scenic spots, and the public construction is also changing from satisfying needs to electrification, informatization, comfort and intelligence.

TSTY 10 kV Outdoor Box Type Substation Built in Park

At present, the power facilities in the scenic spot have the following problems:

1. Low voltage qualification rate: in severe cases, it will affect the normal use of electrical equipment;

2. Low power supply reliability: frequent failures, manual troubleshooting after power failure, manual on-site power supply, resulting in long power failure;

3. Low degree of automation: when the power supply is tight, the load control and power distribution methods are backward, and the remote control of load distribution and transfer is not possible.

Based on the overall planning and coordination of scenic park, TSTY Electric’s outdoor box-type substations are used to replace old-style substations. Outdoor box-type substation has the characteristics of small footprint, beautiful appearance, low investment, short construction period, reliable operation and simple maintenance.

TSTY 10 kV Outdoor Box Type Substation Built in Park

The whole station is intelligently designed. The protection system adopts the integrated automatic device of the substation and is installed in a decentralized manner. It can realize "four remotes", namely, remote measurement, remote signaling, remote control, and remote adjustment. Each unit has independent operation function and relay protection. Complete functions, remote setting of operating parameters, control of humidity and temperature in the box, to meet the requirements of unattended.

TSTY 10 kV Outdoor Box Type Substation Built in Park

As an excellent supplier of substation solutions, TSTY Electric actively participates in the construction of cities in various places, and provide green, low-carbon and energy-saving medium and low-voltage distribution systems for public construction power distribution projects, so as to make the substation system reliable, safe and intelligent. The level of energy saving and consumption reduction has been comprehensively improved, and it will contribute to the sustainable development of the local district.