Hukou Chengshan 35kV Substation Reconstruction Project Was Completed

September 29, 2020

On November 9, 2019, the comprehensive automation transformation project of Jiangxi Hukou Chengshan 35kV Substation, which was participated by TSTY, was successfully completed and put into operation. The completion of this project marks the completion of the first batch of expansion projects of Hukou Power Supply Company, and also marks the power supply capacity and automation level of Hukou Power Grid to a new level.

Hukou Chengshan 35kV Substation Reconstruction Project Was Completed

Hukou Chengshan 35kV Substation is the first 35kV substation in Hukou, which was completed and put into operation in 1982. In recent years, with the rapid growth of the load, the substation has experienced a situation of too small main transformer capacity, aging equipment, and heavy maintenance workload. It has been unable to meet the requirements of power supply reliability and dispatch automation.

To this end, the project replaced the main transformer, replaced the original no-load tapping transformer with on-load tapping, and expanded the capacity by 2300kVA to meet the five-year load demand in the power supply jurisdiction.

TSTY’s S11-M.ZT on-load automatic capacity adjustment and voltage regulation distribution transformer has two types of rated capacity. The automatic capacity adjustment controller automatically detects and judges according to the size of the load carried by the user. Through a special on-load capacity adjustment switch, the two capacities of the transformer can be automatically switched under the state of the transformer without power failure, and the capacity of the transformer can be automatically adjusted during operation, so as to realize the automatic conversion of the two capacity operation modes of the distribution transformer.


TSTY’s transformer has good performance of loss reducing and energy saving:

(1) The load factor is elevated from 30~40% up to 70~80%, greatly increasing the transformer’s operation efficiency and reducing loss.

(2) The capacity-adjusting transformer has two capacities: large and small. The capacity can be changed in time according to the electrical load. It can effectively reduce the no-load loss while improving the reliability of power supply. According to statistical data, one S11 type large and small capacity regulating transformer of 200kVA and 63kVA can save 4725kWh of electric energy per year compared with the same type of ordinary transformer.


2300kva transformer

It also has low engineering cost and flexible power supply modes, stable working and simple operation method. The two capacity levels can be adjusted with no excitation according to the load status and operation units can be conveniently changed according to the status of load and voltage of the power grid, keeping the transformer operating in an economical status while remaining stable.