Cast Resin Transformer Solutions for Underground Mining

June 29, 2020

Problems with dry type and oil-cooled transformers in underground mining environments are always fatal consequences. 


dry type transformer


No oil-cooled concerns

SGB ​​cast resin transformers require only cooling air and are oil free. This eliminates most of the fire risks that are typically associated with mini resin substations for cast mini resin substations for oil-cooled transformer underground shafts. Explosion of dry type cast resin transformers during normal operation is very unlikely and there is no risk of oil leakage that could cause contamination.
From a maintenance point of view, the smooth surface of the cast resin transformer coil removes accumulated dirt even under the most extreme conditions. The only recommended maintenance is a regular visual inspection by technical personnel, as well as the installation of a transformer if necessary.

No dry-type winding worries

The SGB cast resin transformer is not only different from the oil-cooled transformer, but also different from other dry type transformers available today. First, the transformer is uniquely made from a fiberglass reinforced cast resin system that prevents crack entanglement - a common problem with dry type transformers.
Secondly, the winding of the SGB transformer is insulated with a mixture of epoxy resin and silica powder, which allows the coil to be fire resistant and prevent moisture from entering. This results in low maintenance and long service life of the transformer.
Finally, the multilayer coil winding of the SGB transformer provides safe handling of high voltage surges and balances the voltage surges on the turns. It also allows the introduction of additional cooling channels into the coil. Obtaining a large cooling surface area, uniform temperature
Distribution is going on. Operation of the transformer is possible at an ambient temperature of -50 to 50 ° C.
Moreover, for applications with high vibration, 3G solutions are available at special requests of customers and can be upgraded for extreme conditions. The SGB cast resin transformer has a service life of over 20 years and a low failure rate. This makes it a very reliable component of any electrical infrastructure.