Protection of Dry Type Transformer

July 07, 2020

Dry transformers can use different covers depending on environmental characteristics and protection requirements. IP20 enclosures are usually used to prevent solid foreign matter entering greater than 12 mm, providing a protective barrier to the active part. This can inhibit the entry of small animals (rats, snakes, cats, birds, etc.), causing malignant malfunctions, such as power failure during a short circuit. If the transformer must be installed outdoors, IP23 protective cover can be used.


In addition to the IP20 protection function above, it can prevent water drops from falling within 60 ° from the vertical line. However, the IP23 housing will reduce the cooling capacity of the transformer. When choosing, pay attention to the decrease in performance: capacity decreases by about 5%, and capacity decreases by about 10%.

drt type transformer

The factory usually provides an aluminum alloy housing that is beautiful and durable. The manufacturer can provide various safety grades and protective covers made of various materials (such as aluminum alloy, steel plate, etc.) according to the actual needs of customers. If the transformer has no external coating, it can usually be represented by IP00 protection.


Thus, when the old transformer is modernized and a new type of transformer is chosen in the design, if you can choose a dry, energy-efficient and low-noise transformer, it can reduce noise, non-pollute the environment and greatly increase the load on capacity and high reliability. You can also take advantage of the power saving capabilities.