Power Transformers Application in Mining Industry

January 27, 2021

Let us talk about power transformers for mining industry today. Mine transformer is a movable set of power supply and transformation device, specially used as a transformer for mine power supply. Divided into two categories: general mine transformers and mine explosion-proof transformers. General mine transformers are generally used in mines where there is coal dust and methane gas without explosion hazard, and are used for power driving and lighting; mine explosion-proof transformers are used in mines with explosion hazards and are specially designed for electric drills, lighting, signal and other equipment power supply. tsty electric company have sale many power transformer for mining induatry, we have professional engineers design the plan for you. if you need this type transformer, pls contact us now

Power Transformers Application in Mining Industry

Mine transformers are generally used to change the size of the AC voltage. It is suitable for mines where there is an explosion hazard such as methane mixed gas and coal dust. It converts 6KV, 10KV power into 400 (380), 693 (660), 1200 (1140) ), 3450 (3300) V low-voltage power supply required for underground coal mines.

The shell of the mine transformer is full corrugated, open on both sides and top open structure, with the advantages of high mechanical strength, low temperature rise and good heat dissipation effect. The iron core is made of low-loss silicon steel sheet, with low no-load loss, low no-load current and low noise. It adopts H-class insulation materials and advanced insulation structure, which has good thermal stability and can continue to operate at full load at high temperatures. This is also the advantage of mining transformers.

An ordinary mining transformer includes two sets of coils wound with wires, which are coupled together in an inductive manner. When an alternating current (with a known frequency) flows through one of the coils, an alternating voltage with the same frequency will be induced in the other coil. Ordinary transformer is a device that transforms AC voltage, alternating current and impedance. When AC current is passed through the primary coil, AC magnetic flux is generated in the iron core (or magnetic core), which induces voltage (or Current).

Power Transformers Application in Mining Industry

It can be divided into single-phase transformers and three-phase transformers according to the number of phases.

According to the cooling method, it is divided into: dry-type transformer and oil-immersed transformer.

According to the purpose, it can be divided into: power transformer, instrument transformer, test transformer, special transformer.

According to the winding form, it can be divided into: double winding transformer, three winding transformer, auto transformer.

According to the iron core form, it can be divided into: core transformer, amorphous alloy transformer, and shell transformer.

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