How to Choose Power Transformer for High-rise Building

January 27, 2021

In high-rise buildings, in order to improve the reliability of power supply, generally a single main transformer is rarely used for power supply. If the negative rates of two identical transformers are both taken as 75%, when one transformer is out of service, the other transformer can provide the entire load with a backup rate of 66.7%. This approach is more suitable for most high-rise buildings. 

Power Transformer for High-rise Building

It not only has enough spare capacity to ensure most of the building's long-term load, but also helps reduce the investment and operation loss of the contract. In the design, if it can be appropriately divided and weave according to the operating characteristics of the electrical load, the corresponding transformer can be switched on and off according to the change of the load during operation, which will reduce transformer loss, improve power factor, save energy, and increase economic benefits. All aspects have positive significance.

When choosing the total installed capacity and stand-alone capacity of the transformer, in addition to the above reasons, many other factors should also be considered. In the calculation of the load of high-rise buildings, the development needs in the next 20 years are often taken into account. Even from the current level of electricity consumption, there are many complicated situations. They are also residential buildings for sale. If the residents are mostly Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, overseas Chinese and foreigners, then they will have a relatively high level of electricity consumption; if they are provided to domestic relatives and friends of the above-mentioned people, the electricity load will be less. According to surveys, less than 30% of such buildings have air-conditioners installed, and less than 20% have electric water heaters. Therefore, the total installed capacity of transformers is bound to be too large, which increases the initial investment in infrastructure and the entire city network construction investment. 

Therefore, in the design, it is advisable to make a detailed analysis of the building use and reasonably divide the short-term and long-term power consumption scale. Civil engineering and line laying are considered in the long-term, and transformers can be purchased and installed in stages as needed. For some foreign-funded or joint venture projects, considering economic reasons, it is advisable to consider the long-term capacity of all facilities. In the near future, some transformers can be shut down for a long time according to the situation and reported to the power supply bureau according to the short-term capacity.

Power Transformer for High-rise Building

At present, the transformers used in high-rise buildings have a single-unit capacity of 1600kVA and above. It is no longer uncommon to choose large-capacity transformers, which have higher efficiency than small-capacity transformers, but the interrupting capacity of the switch is also increased. Therefore, how to determine the single-unit capacity and the number of transformers must be determined based on comprehensive consideration of various factors. 

In high-rise buildings, if the air conditioning unit technology is selected properly, special power supply transformers can be set up according to the grouping of air conditioning equipment. During operation, the corresponding transformers can be switched on and off following the switching of the air conditioning unit to obtain good economic benefits. tsty is a  professional transformer manufacturer, if you have any need, pls contact us now!

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