TSTY Electric Successfully Participated in the Soyo-Kapari Power Transformation Project in Angola

September 22, 2020
The project is located in the provinces of Carter and Zaire on the north side of Luanda, the capital of Angola. It is a power transmission and transformation project with the highest voltage standard, highest voltage level and longest transmission distance built in Angola and the entire African region, and is the "lifeblood project" of power supply throughout the northern region.
Carter 400/220/60 kV substation
The total area of the project is 1.128 million square meters, and the building area in the station is 7,098 square meters.
The engineering construction projects are mainly 9 substations, installed with 25 units of 400 kV main transformers, and 8 units of 220 kV main transformers. The total length of the transmission line is 1,020 kilometers and the total number of poles and towers is 2,539 (base).
Main equipment of substation
The project started on July 1, 2014, and was completed and put into production on December 16, 2017. The project construction is mainly divided into two phases.
The first phase of the project mainly includes: 4 sets of 400/220/60 kV substations, 2 sets of 60/15 kV substations, 1 dual-circuit 400 kV transmission line with a total length of 668 kilometers, and 2 sets of 60 kV transmission lines and other subprojects.
The second phase of the project mainly includes: 2 sets of 220/60 kV substations, 1 set of 60/15 kV substation, 220 kV transmission lines 331 kilometers, and 60 kV transmission lines 16 kilometers.
TSTY Electric Successfully Participated Power Transformation Project
The project strictly complies with the requirements of IEC, and for the first time implanted domestically mature "green power grids, harmonious construction" and other green environmental protection concepts in Africa, laying a solid foundation for the smooth and high-quality construction of the project.
TSTY Electric Successfully Participated Power Transformation Project
There are no structural cracks on the wall and floor of the project, and no leakage on the roof;
The columns and beams of the whole station are square and straight, and the roads within the 6058-meter field of the whole station are smooth and straight;
2351 equipment foundations have solid inside and smooth outside;
2222 frameworks are 100% qualified;
The settlement observation of structures is uniform in the early stage and very stable in the later stage;
The foundation and main structure are evaluated as excellent after inspection;
The input rate of automatic devices is 100%, and the action accuracy of various protection devices in the project is 100%;
The qualification rate of the project is 100%.
This project has greatly promoted the regional economic development and the improvement of people's livelihood, and has been highly praised by the local government and people.